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Albiach / Celan: Reading Across Languages Released

May 11, 2017 by Posted in: PoetryTranslation

Albiach / Celan : Reading Across Languages


Annex Press 2016, Donald Wellman’s new book of prose travels far : Antonio Gamoneda’s poetry, ‘Earth Ergon’ on the work of Derrida, his thoughts on translating Paul Celan, his musings on the art of translation, the work of French Poet Anne-Marie Albiach. This volume includes a new version of her poem : après cela, moi j’ai regardé’ translated by Wellman and Julian Kabza. Also included, a new work by Jean Daive, the author of ‘Under the Dome’ (Burning Deck Press). Daive’s reminiscence titled -‘Urgence et négation en réponse Anne-Marie Albiach et PaulCelan’ is, in part, an extension of his earlier work on Celan. “My desire is to erase boundaries,” says Wellman, and in many ways, this book is an exploration of how language can aid that project. Based in consideration of translation, Wellman’s musings pass through the lens of critical theory and continental philosophy, a lens that gathers diverse approaches and focuses them into a single, illuminating beam. At once erudite and intimate, autobiographical and analytical, Wellman effectively erases the distinction between text and translation, between writer and translator-and with a particularly graceful momentum that comes through in both his prose and his poetry.” – Cole Swenson. from Jean Daive : ” The life of Paul Celan is a perpetual struggle against death, against time, against language. The language too is directed, aimed, magnetized. It traces out a trajectory. The language stops at its limit: the Rilkean language of the first two books, the Mallarmean language of the third, then the language of research into Low German (Plattdeutsch), Dutch or Flemish the source of Yiddish. There are two clocks: the life clock, thus one of urgency, and that of the language, which travels from the northeast toward the north. The real watch: one worn on his wrist, he would later place on the night table

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